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Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole Disorder is a common biochemical imbalance seen in various mental health conditions. It is secondary to genetic defects, causing abnormal red blood cell metabolism, resulting in excessive loss of zinc and vitamin B6 into urine. Patients are susceptible to emotional lability, insomnia, anxiety, impaired stress handling ability, sensitivity to noise and sounds. In more serious cases, it can present as depression, mania, self-harming behaviors, hallucinations. These patients often have autoimmune disorders, thus prone to conditions like eczema, as well as growth retardation, poor attention and memory, prone to infection. They usually get diagnosed with some type of personality disorder or mental illness.




MoodEase Supplement

MoodEase contains 7 nutrients that are essential for pyrrole disorder patients. Positive effects of MoodEase include the following:

- Improved stress handling ability

- Improved performance at school

- Improved health of hair and skin

- Enhanced growth and development

- Improved immunity

- Decreased emotional lability

- Decreased self harming behavior

- Reduced reliance on medications


Just like medications, Adverse reactions include:

- Nausea and vomiting

- Metallic taste in mouth

- Fatigue




1. Vitamin B6 and zinc can potentially irritate your stomach, thus it's recommended to take MoodEase with meal. Avoid taking MoodEase before meal. 


2. Start from lower dosage, like 1 capsule per day


3. Some people may experience worsened symptoms within the first 3 weeks of usage. This is because of our body's enhanced detoxification resulted from MoodEase. 


4. People with poor gastrointestinal functions may be more sensitive to nutrients, as they often have underlying chronic inflammation. 


5. Pyrrole disorder patients are low in zinc, thus more susceptible to nausea. In this case we recommend restoring your gastrointestinal health prior to taking nutrients


6. It's not uncommon for people to feel fatigued after taking nutrients. Once mental symptoms improve, people will feel the chronic fatigue of body. More rest is needed at this time. Some people may also become more sensitive to side effects from medications, especially sedatives. Reducing dosage fo medications may be considered, but not recommended within first 3 months of usage. Talk to your doctor before changing anything


7. It does take considerable amount of time to adjust body with nutrients. It can take as little as 3 months to see obvious improvements, and some people may take 1 year or longer. Keep in mind MoodEase is just combination of basic nutrients, and people with more severe nutrient imbalance may require additional supplements


Overall MoodEase can help us become better at coping stress, and it's also suitable for family, as mental helath condition can be genetic. MoodEase also provide strong immune support, which is important especially during today's pandemic.

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