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Welcome to a journey where ancient wisdom meets modern innovation. 

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About the Author

Educational and Professional Background

Dr. Yang's academic journey is marked by an impressive array of studies and training at some of the world's leading institutions. He embarked on his medical voyage at Sydney University, where he first cultivated his interest in blending Eastern and Western medical practices. His quest for knowledge led him to Oxford University, where he researched clinical psychopharmacology and later contributed significantly to integrative psychiatry through his work published by Oxford University Press. Dr. Yang furthered his expertise in the United States, where he honed his skills in psychiatry and integrative medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and deepened his understanding of holistic health approaches at the University of Arizona under the mentorship of pioneers like Dr. Andrew Weil.

In addition to his formal education, Dr. Yang is deeply rooted in ancient Chinese medical traditions, a wisdom lineage passed down through his family for generations. This rich heritage, combined with his neurology career at one of China's top medical institutions, laid the foundation for his unique perspective on health and healing.

Career Highlights and Contributions

As the founder of the Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine and CEO of the Northern Medical Center, Dr. Yang has created centers of healing that embody his vision for a medicine that treats the whole person. His clinical work is complemented by his role as an educator and author, where he translates complex medical concepts into accessible knowledge.

Dr. Yang's publications include co-authoring "Clinical Acupuncture and Ancient Chinese Medicine" by Oxford University Press, "Facing East: Ancient Health and Beauty Secrets for the Modern Age," and contributing a chapter in "Mind Your Meds." These works showcase his expertise in acupuncture, medication management, and the holistic approach to cancer therapies.

Dr. Yang's scholarly work also includes valuable contributions to "Integrative Psychiatry" by Drs. Andrew Weil, Dan Monti, and Andrew Neuberger, expanding the dialogue between traditional healing practices and modern psychiatric methods. His exploration of cancer therapies underscores a commitment to treatments that support the patient's total well-being alongside conventional care.

Philosophy and Vision

Dr. Yang's philosophy is deeply influenced by his diverse educational background, lineage in ancient Chinese medicine, and personal practice of life cultivation. He advocates for an integrative approach that balances the anatomical, biochemical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions of health. By incorporating insights from his studies and training at Sydney University, Oxford University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Arizona University, Dr. Yang fosters a healthcare approach that is both inclusive and innovative.


Legacy and Forward Path

Dr. Yang's vision for the future of healthcare is one where the integration of traditional wisdom and scientific research empowers individuals to lead healthier, more harmonious lives. His work inspires healthcare professionals and individuals alike, guiding them toward a more holistic, integrative approach to health and healing. Through his leadership, publications, and the institutions he has founded, Dr. Yang is not just practicing medicine—he's transforming it.


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