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What is Phospholipid? Phospholipid, as its name suggests, is a fat rich in Phosphoric Acid and is a complex lipid. When it comes to phospholipids, we must talk about cells and cell membranes. Because all organisms-animals, plants and microorganisms are composed of cells one by one, the outer layer of the cell is called the cell membrane, and many organelles in the cell also have membrane structures, and the main substances that constitute these membrane structures are phospholipids.

There are actually many kinds of phospholipids, which are different in structure and function. Common phospholipids include Phosphatidylcholine (PC), Phosphatidylinositol (PI), Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE). Serine (Phosphatidylserine, PS), sphingomyelin (Sphingomyelin, SPH) and phosphatidic acid (Phosphatidate, PA) and so on. Among them, phosphatidylcholine (PC) is the most important active ingredient in phospholipids.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC)

Phosphatidylcholine is extracted from plants, and it transmits the instructions of the brain quickly. The faster the information is transmitted, the stronger the memory and the higher the learning efficiency. Scientists say: "Phosphatidylcholine is a brain food". It can enhance concentration and improve learning efficiency. In addition, phosphatidylcholine can resist fatty liver and alcoholic liver, effectively prevent and protect the liver.
Because phosphatidylcholine is both lipophilic and hydrophilic, it has an emulsifying function, which can fully mix water and oil in the body to avoid rough and aging skin caused by a large amount of water loss, and can also convert excess fat into smaller milk droplets It can be excreted from the body, helping the mother or obese person to regain shape as soon as possible; it can convert cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood into very fine particles, which are discharged from the blood vessels, increase the high density lipoprotein (High Density Lipoprotein, HDL), restore the elasticity of blood vessels , the blood flow is smooth, so PC is also known as "vascular scavenger". PC also maintains the stability of the cell membrane structure, and is therefore known as the "building brick of cells".

​ Nutritionists pointed out that the quality difference of phospholipids depends on the content of active ingredients, and one of the indicators is the amount of PC.

Because PC was originally found in egg yolks, it is also called lecithin.

Features of the PC

1. Protect the liver: Choline in phospholipids has an affinity for fat. If there is insufficient choline in the body, it will affect fat metabolism, causing fat to accumulate in the liver, resulting in fatty liver and even inflammation and swelling. Lecithin can not only prevent fatty liver, but also have a hangover effect and prevent alcoholic cirrhosis. PC also promotes liver cell activation and regeneration. At the same time, phospholipids can reduce serum cholesterol levels, prevent liver cirrhosis and help restore liver function.
PC is also important for the survival of hepatocytes. Some experiments have found that liver cells grown in test tubes will die due to lack of lecithin, and some animal experiments have found that if animals lack lecithin in their diet, liver function will be abnormal after a few weeks, and the risk of liver cancer will be significantly increased.

2. Cardiovascular protection: As early as the 1960s, scientists found that PC may have a cardiovascular protective effect, and further research has confirmed that PC can adjust blood cholesterol levels, increase good cholesterol, and reduce bad cholesterol, thereby preventing cardiovascular disease. The occurrence of atherosclerosis.

3.  Promote brain and neural development: When the child is still in the mother's body, the amniotic fluid contains a large amount of PC. These PCs are important components to promote the fetal brain and neural development. About 70% of human brain cells have been formed in the mother's body. Therefore, PC is extremely important for children's growth and intellectual development. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stipulates that lecithin must be added to infant milk powder, and a sufficient amount of PC must also be added to infant recipes. In addition to growth and development, a Duke University research team found in animal experiments that the offspring of PC-fed pregnant rats had significantly better memory in an intelligence test (maze test) than rats without PC. It can be seen that the supplementation of PC is also helpful for improving memory.
In today's increasingly complex social environment, supplementing the PC keeps our brains working at their best.
For the elderly, PC can also prevent and slow down memory loss or dementia. This is because the aging of the elderly is prone to the lack of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine (ACh), which leads to memory loss. The PC metabolite and basic component choline can combine with acetone to produce Ach, so supplementing PC can ensure sufficient Ach in the body.

4. Resolve gallstones: Gallstones are mainly formed by cholesterol, which is generally dissolved by bile, and bile contains PC. When cholesterol cannot be effectively dissolved, it will accumulate in the bile duct, leading to gallstones and bile duct blockage. PC has the function of decomposing excess cholesterol, so taking an appropriate amount of PC can prevent the formation of gallstones, and can also resolve the formed gallstones.

5. Skin care: When toxins accumulate in the human body, they will be deposited on the skin with blood circulation, resulting in various skin surface lesions, such as freckles, acne, rashes, etc. PC can decompose toxins in the body, which is beneficial for their excretion from the liver or kidneys. When the toxins in the body are reduced to a certain level, these spots or rashes will gradually subside. PC also promotes cell regeneration and reduces skin aging. PC also has the function of increasing heme, which can provide sufficient moisture and oxygen to the skin, making the skin smoother.

6. Lung protection: PC has good hydrophilicity and can keep the alveoli moist in the lungs to ensure that the lungs can inhale sufficient oxygen. Smokers especially need PC supplementation, because the PC content of these people is only one-seventh of that of non-smokers, their alveoli are drier, so they can inhale much less oxygen, and they are more prone to fatigue after exercise.



PC suitable crowd

1.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stipulates that phospholipids must be added to infant milk powder.
2. Students, intellectuals and middle-aged and elderly people: PC can enhance brain vitality, eliminate brain fatigue, enhance memory, and improve learning and work efficiency. Moreover, it can repair damaged brain cells and prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.
3. Long-term drinking, overnutrition and fatty liver patients: taking 10-15 grams of PC daily, after 3-5 months, blood lipid indexes can return to normal levels.
4. Children, pregnant mothers who are not overweight or the elderly and other people with weaker bodies can take PC together with milk, soy milk and fruit juice
to supplement nutrition. The daily intake is 800-1000 mg.
5. Patients with gallstones: Persistently taking PC every day can not only prevent the formation of gallstones, but also decompose and eliminate the formed gallstones to varying degrees.
6. Ms. Amy: PC is a natural antidote that breaks down toxins in the body. By increasing hemoglobin, it provides sufficient nutrients such as water and oxygen to the skin, making the skin smooth and supple.
7. People with constipation: PC can promote gastrointestinal blood circulation and gastrointestinal motility, which helps to prevent and improve constipation.
8. Smokers should supplement PC more. The content of PC in the lungs of smokers is only 1/7 of that of non-smokers. PC has good hydrophilicity, which can keep the alveoli moist, thereby increasing the body's oxygen intake. Smokers generally have dry alveoli and insufficient oxygen intake, so they should supplement PC.

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