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Phosphatidylcholine is extracted from plants, it transmits the instructions of the brain quickly, the faster the information is transmitted, the stronger the memory and the higher the learning efficiency. Scientists say: "Phosphatidylcholine is a brain food". It can enhance concentration and improve learning efficiency. In addition, phosphatidylcholine can resist fatty liver and alcoholic liver, effectively prevent and protect the liver.
Because phosphatidylcholine is both lipophilic and hydrophilic, it has an emulsifying function, which can fully mix water and oil in the body to avoid rough and aging skin caused by a large amount of water loss, and can also convert excess fat into smaller milk droplets It can be excreted from the body, helping the mother or obese person to regain shape as soon as possible; it can convert cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood into very fine particles, which are discharged from the blood vessels, increase the high density lipoprotein (High Density Lipoprotein, HDL), restore the elasticity of blood vessels , the blood flow is smooth, so PC is also known as "vascular scavenger". PC also maintains the stability of the cell membrane structure, and is therefore known as the "building brick of cells".

​ Nutritionists pointed out that the quality of phospholipids depends on the content of active ingredients, and one of the indicators is the amount of PC.

Because PC was originally found in egg yolks, it is also called lecithin.

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PC Phosphatidylcholine Complex of Phospholipids

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